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Market Knowledge
First National Real Estate Burnie will provide you with a Comparative Rental Analysis with a range of rental value of your property at no cost or obligation to you.

When assessing the rental value of a Property, we take into account factors that assist in leasing your Property promptly. This includes comparison of similar properties, current vacancies and market trends. Obtaining a realistic rental value ensures that your Property is let as quickly as possible for a better financial return on your investment.

Upon your request First National Real Estate Burnie can provide free market appraisals on your own home or investment property.

Knowledge & Advice
Property legislation is under constant review. In 1997 we saw major changes in the introduction of The Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (TAS) Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (TAS), introduction of the Rental Deposit Authority in 2009, Residential Tenancy Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Act 2012, Residential Tenancy (Smoke Alarms) Regulations 2012, all of which affected the relationships and duties of landlords and tenants.

More changes were introduced in October 2014 which included changes to certain notice periods, ending a tenancy agreement early, changes to the role of the Residential Tenancy Commissioner (rent increases; repairs) and clarification about definitions and other various matters (fuses,light globes/tubes,tap washers)

As of 1 August 2015, the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 will include a set of minimum standards for residential tenancies. These standards will be phased in over several years to enable owners to ensure their properties comply with the standards. For more information, download Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Fact Sheet - A Guide for Tenants and Property Owners.

At First National Real Estate Burnie we are fully conversant with such legislation are able to advise you on any changes affecting property issues within the rental market.

In those occasional disputes with Tenants we act as mediator between you and the Tenant.

If the dispute continues, we can attend the Magistrates Court on your behalf or refer the dispute to the Residential Tenancy Commissioner. The Magistrates Court / Residential Tenancy Commissioner is an independent third party to hear the dispute and make a decision on the matter. We are well trained to handle such situations and know how best to represent you before the court.

We take the stress away from you!