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17 Dec 20

Four Reasons to Sell over Christmas

With Deanne Lamprey

There’s a lot going on in December, so adding ‘sell the house’ to the Christmas To Do list does have an air of madness about it. However, there are always seasonal and market perks to take into consideration and this year there’s the extra benefit of ...more

15 Dec 20

Protecting Property During Summer Holidays

With Deanne Lamprey

After a long and trying year, many people are desperate to get away to refresh, relax and recharge. All of that goes to waste however if properties are left empty and unprotected over the holiday season. Putting a few simple measures in place before ...more

14 Dec 20

Pre-Covid Market Conditions by February

With Deanne Lamprey

According to CoreLogic, if housing values continue to rise at their current rate, we could see a recovery from the COVID downturn for most of Australia as early as January or February next year. ...more

3 Dec 20

Navigating Rental Arrears over Christmas

With Deanne Lamprey

December is the most stressful and expensive time of the year, more so than ever this year. Whatever a tenant’s circumstances, it’s important to have a sense of what they’re dealing with and respond accordingly. ...more

2 Dec 20

5 Top Gifts to Give Tenants

With Deanne Lamprey

If you are blessed to have responsible, committed tenants, then Christmas is the perfect time to send a little gratitude their way in the form of a small but strategically chosen gift. We’ve put together a hand list of options, on behalf of tenants e ...more

1 Dec 20

House Rents outperform Units

With Deanne Lamprey

According to CoreLogic, capital city house rents were 0.7% higher in November while unit rents were down -0.6%. ...more

10 Nov 20

Should You Sell Before You Buy?

With Deanne Lamprey

If you read the article "The Settlement Process" you would have noticed the part about vacating the property during the settlement period. This of course means you need to have somewhere else to go to and the question of buying a house before your pr ...more

9 Nov 20

The Settlement Process

With Deanne Lamprey

The moment your property has ‘sold’ is almost always thrilling. However, few are still pouring champagne in the days after that moment, as the transition between the idea and the reality is made. ...more

6 Nov 20

Housing Values in Recovery Mode

With Deanne Lamprey

According to CoreLogic, the national index of Australian home values has moved back into growth, posting a 0.4% month-on-month rise in October, as prices increased in every capital city other than Melbourne. ...more

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