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5 Aug 21

Why we are so fussy with our Ingoing Reports

With Deanne Lamprey

One of the tasks we perform as your property manager,when a new tenant comes on board,is to complete an Ingoing Report,sometimes referred to as an Entry Condition Report or even a Property Condition Report,depending upon where you are located. Regar ...more

4 Aug 21

Where Investors are Making Money

With Deanne Lamprey

The conversation around great property investment is so often focused on Australia’s major cities, but there’s a boom happening for many investors right now and it’s not restricted to the east coast of the country. It seems that the frontier cities a ...more

3 Aug 21

Metro Rentals Undersupplied

With Deanne Lamprey

According to recent research conducted by Suburb Trends, regions outside of most of Australia’s major cities are suffering from an undersupply of rental properties for the demands of each area’s local tenancy market. ...more

2 Aug 21

Fast Rental Appreciation Since 2008

With Deanne Lamprey

Rental markets remain tight, with the annual pace of growth in national rents lifting to 7.7%, the fastest rental appreciation since 2008. Beneath the national figures, it’s clear that rental markets remain diverse. according to CoreLogic. ...more

31 Jul 21

The Leasing Market July 2021

With Deanne Lamprey

We feel so blessed that our rental market has not been significantly impacted by COVID-19 and the uncertainty that some regions of Australia are currently experiencing. ...more

9 Jul 21

What is Fair?

With Deanne Lamprey

Fair wear and tear continues to be one of the biggest challenges we face when a tenant vacates the property and is the leading cause of disputes at the end of the tenancy. ...more

6 Jul 21

5 Questions that Renters Commonly Ask Us

With Deanne Lamprey

Property managers always have a lot of questions for tenants when they apply for a property, but sometimes the tenants have questions too, and not just when applying for a property. Here’s a selection of questions that tenants commonly ask that may n ...more

5 Jul 21

Tax Time for Investors

With Deanne Lamprey

It’s a misconception that property managers are only there to find tenants, collect rent and organise repairs to your property. ...more

2 Jul 21

Strong Growth For Rents, Yields Compress

With Deanne Lamprey

Rent values continue to see strong growth, though gross rental yields are compressing, according to CoreLogic. ...more

30 Jun 21

The Leasing Market June 2021

With Deanne Lamprey

We are still in the very fortunate position of enjoying a low vacancy rate in our area.  Over the past month, the enquiry from prospective tenants continues to be strong and we are receiving multiple applications to choose from for most of our availa ...more

17 Jun 21

How to Sell the Marital Home When Divorcing

With Deanne Lamprey

Deciding what to do with the marital home is just one of the many difficult decisions facing divorcing couples.  There are financial and emotional aspects to the decision and inevitably each party will have a different opinion about what to do. ...more

15 Jun 21

How to De Pet when Selling

With Deanne Lamprey

If you have pets, there are a number of specific things that need to be taken care of to ‘de-pet’ your property before it even goes on the market. ...more

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