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1 day AGO

The Leasing Market in April 2021

With Deanne Lamprey

Fortunately, our local market is continuing to perform very well.  Whilst it may not be quite as frantic or crazy as it was a month or two ago, we are still experiencing very low vacancy rates in our office. ...more

1 day AGO

Selling a Rented Property

With Deanne Lamprey

With the sales market bubbling along quite well in so many areas across the country, you may be considering taking advantage of these great conditions and perhaps selling your investment property.  This is not something that most people do everyday, ...more

2 days AGO

Top 5 Secrets of Tenant Retention

With Deanne Lamprey

It’s every landlord’s greatest wish to have good quality tenants in their property. While some don’t always see that dream fulfilled, others are reaping the rewards of great tenants and doing all they can to make sure they stay. So how do you keep a ...more

3 days AGO

Are Tenancy Inspections the Time for an Upgrade?

With Deanne Lamprey

Some investment property owners think it’s enough to respond to the maintenance needs of their tenants, and not make any further investment in the property that may increase its value. Every property needs ongoing care, maintenance and upgrades, and ...more

5 days AGO

Weakest Rental Conditions Skewed to Cities.

With Deanne Lamprey

The nation’s weakest rental conditions remain skewed towards higher density markets, especially the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. In Melbourne, the downwards shift in unit rents has been more severe, with rents down -7.6% over the past 12 months. ...more

21 Apr 21

What Do We Do About the Lack of Affordable Property?

With Deanne Lamprey

The news is great right now for existing property owners, but for those trying to get into the market, or grow their investment property portfolio, 2021 is going to be a real nail biter. ...more

20 Apr 21

Now is the Best Time to Be a First Home Buyer

With Deanne Lamprey

It may still be too soon to talk about silver linings where the pandemic is concerned but here we are, and may first home buyers rejoice. ...more

19 Apr 21

Fast Home Value Growth Since 1988

With Deanne Lamprey

According to CoreLogic, Australian home values increased 2.8% in March, producing the fastest rate of growth Australia has seen since October 1988. ...more

9 Apr 21

The Leasing Market in March 2021

With Deanne Lamprey

If only we could magically click our fingers and find a few more properties to lease.   Our local market is still very tight and with a large number of attendees at our Open Homes and multiple applications being received, competition is fierce amo ...more

8 Apr 21

End of Eviction Moratorium

With Deanne Lamprey

With many States now coming to the end of the rental eviction moratorium, there has been quite a bit of attention from the media about what this will mean to renters across the country.   ...more

7 Apr 21

Rental Pricing - How Do We Get the Balance Right?

With Deanne Lamprey

Rental affordability and availability have hit the news recently thanks to COVID-19, though the story varies greatly from one border to the next. ...more

6 Apr 21

Managing Boundaries when your Tenant is your Neighbour

With Deanne Lamprey

One of the benefits of having a property manager is that a clear separation can be made between you and your tenant. The lines become blurred however when you live next door. ...more

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