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18 Oct 19

Sorry, No Vacancies

Our office currently has 100% occupancy rate which means we have ZERO vacant rental properties. This is due to our streamlined property letting system which enables us to tenant our rental properties faster, usually before the current tenant vacates. We communicate regularly with our existing tenants, to ensure that if their circumstances change we have as much notice as possible, and do everything within our means to secure a new lease well before the current tenant vacates. We ensure the current tenant is happy with our proposed inspection schedule to make the change-over as smooth as possible.

​We have developed and continue to nurture a database that contains around 707 prospective renters. We received 96 enquiries for 9 rental properties advertised in the last month​ alone.

Once we create the listing for a vacant rental, we target those subscribers whose renting criteria matches the upcoming rental vacancy. Our advanced application processing system then assists us to qualify tenants more efficiently. Our systems also keep applicants updated on how their application is progressing, so they know how important they are to us.

Our property managers also conduct the inspections themselves, meaning all tenants are comprehensively screened and are more than just a "document".

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