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5 top gifts to give tenants
2 Dec 20

5 Top Gifts to Give Tenants

If you are blessed to have responsible, committed tenants, then Christmas is the perfect time to send a little gratitude their way in the form of a small but strategically chosen gift. We’ve put together a hand list of options, on behalf of tenants everywhere, to give you a little inspiration.

  1. Drinks and things – practical items that many of us use every day can rarely fail. A good quality reusable water bottle, some fancy cocktail ready ice cube trays, a drinks cooler bag, or even a bottle of wine or bubbles - are simple, inexpensive options.

  2. Gift cards – depending on how much you want to pay, a nice Christmas card with a gift card for groceries, music, books or general merchandise not only ticks the box on giving, it can also really help out at the most expansive time of year.   

  3. Decorative household items – if you know their décor is a little light on, a few cheap and cheerful throw cushions, or a decorative blanket can brighten up their house and their spirit!

  4. Garden goodies – a packet of seeds is easily slipped into a Christmas card, and even supermarkets sell token indoor plants. If you want to show a little more love, upgrade the plant or make a small hamper of gardening tools, seeds, plant food and so on.

  5. Food, glorious food – if you really love your tenants and are feeling particularly generous, a hamper is a great gift option. It could be as simple as a paper gift bag filled with chocolates and treats, or a custom-made prefilled basket left as a treat on the porch. 

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