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Indoor plants are back in style
5 Mar 21

Indoor Plants are Back in Style

Did they ever really go out of fashion?

Not for some, but it seems that COVID-19 is being attributed to a resurgence of popularity for the humble houseplant.  

Starved of photo-opportunities with friends and family during Lockdown, Millennials across the globe started sharing pics of themselves with their favourite houseplant and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Online plant purchases have skyrocketed over the past twelve months, and the many benefits of tending to plants have been recognised and embraced by a whole new generation of gardeners.

For tenants, indoor plants are a fantastic way of enhancing their personal space and create some Insta-worthy pics.  

We impress upon our tenants, the need to ensure they are being mindful of the property as well as their plants when they are creating their own tropical oasis.  In our initial introduction meeting we highlight items such as ensuring climbing plants are not attaching to walls and damaging paintwork, pots are not staining the flooring and humidifiers are not creating excessive moisture which may lead to mould.  We then reinforce this message when inspections are conducted.

In most instances, tenants take the necessary precautions and it is rare we have to address any issues around plants.

If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration yourself, you can’t go past Craig Miller-Randle’s Instagram feed (craigmilran).  He is a presenter of “The Great Indoors” on ABC TV and the photos he shares of his home in Melbourne are just amazing.  Another favourite is The Plant Runner (plantrunnertruck) - lots of great gift ideas for your family to send your way.


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