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Hello... The Tenant Just Called with another Issue!
7 Jun 21

Hello... The Tenant Just Called with another Issue!

Last week the oven stopped working and this week it is a leaking toilet. Sometimes it may feel like we don’t understand how you feel as a landlord, but we want you to know that we do, more so than you think. As your managing agent we receive many emails and telephone calls every day from tenants who are struggling to pay the rent, complaining about neighbour noise, a barking dog and then there are the never-ending requests for maintenance to be undertaken.

It is our role to manage every tenant situation (on your behalf) to work towards reducing your stress and hassle in having to deal with the minor details. We understand your frustrations. We understand that finances are tight sometimes. We understand that you can be under pressure. Our focus is always to please our landlords and achieve a win/win outcome.

However, please understand that times are challenging for everyone at the moment and we must act and work within the law when communicating with the tenant.

When a tenant contacts our agency requesting maintenance to be carried out, we are trying to balance our property management role of providing the tenant with a safe property that has everything in a clean, working condition, while also taking into consideration the financial aspect and protecting all parties from the risk of litigation or legal action.

If a tenant reports dry rot in a front step, a loose thread in the carpet or an uneven outside paver, as a landlord you could be held liable for any slip or fall injury, if we do not act in a timely manner. When we telephone, email or provide feedback, it is because we want to protect you.

Sometimes it can be helpful to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

How would you feel living in a property if?

• There was mould building up all over the ceilings

• The stove or oven stopped working

• Rodents started appearing out of nowhere

• The toilet cistern at night would not stop making a noise

• There was a possum in your roof keeping you up at night

• The dishwasher, heating stopped working

As landlords, we may feel frustrated by tenant maintenance requests (as they often happen at the worst possible timing) but how would you feel if you were the tenant?

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