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3 Dec 20

Navigating Rental Arrears over Christmas

With Deanne Lamprey

December is the most stressful and expensive time of the year, more so than ever this year. Whatever a tenant’s circumstances, it’s important to have a sense of what they’re dealing with and respond accordingly. ...more

2 Dec 20

5 Top Gifts to Give Tenants

With Deanne Lamprey

If you are blessed to have responsible, committed tenants, then Christmas is the perfect time to send a little gratitude their way in the form of a small but strategically chosen gift. We’ve put together a hand list of options, on behalf of tenants e ...more

3 Nov 20

Our Top Five Questions for Tenancy Applicants

With Deanne Lamprey

Choosing the right tenant is quite a task, but often the most obvious choice will rise to the top of the pile, if the right questions are asked first and foremost. ...more

2 Nov 20

Expect the Unexpected

With Deanne Lamprey

There are a lot of things landlords can and should expect from tenants, then there are the horror stories. Whatever strange, frightful, costly experience you can imagine right now – the chance it has already happened to another landlord somewhere is ...more

20 Oct 20

A Guide for First Time Investors

With Deanne Lamprey

Investing in property is an exciting way to build wealth. However, working out the right move takes time and a little bit of homework. ...more

2 Oct 20

Landlord Financial Support

With Deanne Lamprey

Throughout 2020, federal, state and territory governments nationally have offered an almost bewildering array of financial support for landlords, with the aim of enabling rent reductions for tenants suffering COVID-19 financial distress. ...more

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